“The inspiration for my artwork comes from whatever I find interesting about an idea to craft. It could be studies of portraits, landscapes, animals, abstracts or comic book characters.”

~ R. Johnson ~

Welcome to R. Johnson

Artist of Life

Welcome! R. Johnson is an artist in fine art and graphic design. Ever since he was a child, art has been his first love. As a fan of comic books, animated films, and paintings he always appreciated the vast world of art. This appeal led him to learn more about art history to improve his own artistic style. Here, you can explore R. Johnson’s unique works of creativity. Cheers!

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R. Johnson thrives on the challenge of creating works of art that stimulates a response. The goal is to figure out an approach to produce eye-catching aesthetics in the best possible way. If you’re a collector or someone who enjoys art for the home, check out R. Johnson’s original artwork for sale.


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